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The National Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya (NEPHAK) is an NGO that unites support groups of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and individual PLWHAs into a national and formidable force to counter the impact of HIV/AIDS on their lives and that of their loved ones in Kenya.

NEPHAK staff join ‘TB March’ in Vienna, July 2010

It was established in 2003 and is nationally recognized as the official organization of PLHA and is therefore ready to take on its focused responsibilities of promoting quality life for PLHA NEPHAK has developed a strategic plan that currently serves as a guide to implementation of its stated objectives.

NEPHAK is a non-profit making, voluntary body, by and for PLWHAs. Its formation is in response to the growing need to harness existing individual and organizational PLWHA efforts in Kenya to respond meaningfully to the impact of HIV/AIDS.

NEPHAK seeks to highlight the important contribution people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS have made and continue to make in response to the epidemic and subscribes to the Paris 1994 principle of Greater Involvement of People Living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA).

The vision of NEPHAK is to see a nation where PLWHA are in the frontline in the fight against HIV/AIDS and where their rights are recognized and respected to support their meaningful involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support towards an AIDS free society.
Our Mission
The mission of NEPHAK is to promote greater involvement of PLWHA at all levels of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support in Kenya.

NEPHAK’S overall Goal
The overall goal of NEPHAK is to work to improve the quality of life of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) through co-ordination of PLHIV activities in Kenya.

Be the voice of PLHIV; harness the extraordinary and powerful role played by PLHIV towards and enhanced response to the epidemic in Kenya.

NEPHAK Purpose
To increase the capacity of PLHIV in Kenya to participate meaningfully in the delivery of prevention, care, support and mitigate socio-making process concerning HIV/AIDS.

General Objectives

  • Consolidating the union of PLHIV groups from the grassroots (community) to the national level.
  • Source for and distribute quality counseling and home based care and community education through PLHIV and those affected.
  • Enhance more influence on behavioral change through direct relationships with individuals in the grassroots community including role modeling.
  • Participate in information/policies development and disseminate all relevant information to members and the community
  • Promote advocacy and maintain a gender balance in community development participation and empowerment as a way of addressing the prevailing sexual bias against women.
  • Carry out networking amongst NEPHAK members
  • Support members in the implementation of policies development that are touching directly on PLHIV’s
  • Participate fully in access, treatment and care associated with PLHIV’s ad orphans.